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Download Full Quran in Mp3 Format By Sheikh Abdul Rahman As-Sudais

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Download Quran in Mp3 format in the voice of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.

  • Al-Fatihah (the Opening) mp3
  • Al-Baqarah (the Cow) mp3
  • Aali Imran (the Family of Imran) mp3
  • An-Nisa’ (the Women) mp3
  • Al-Ma’idah (the Table) mp3
  • Al-An’am (the Cattle) mp3
  • Al-A’raf (the Heights) mp3
  • Al-Anfal (the Spoils of War) mp3
  • At-Taubah (the Repentance) mp3
  • Yunus (Yunus) mp3
  • Hud (Hud) mp3
  • Yusuf (Yusuf) mp3
  • Ar-Ra’d (the Thunder) mp3
  • Ibrahim (Ibrahim) mp3
  • Al-Hijr (the Rocky Tract) mp3
  • An-Nahl (the Bees) mp3
  • Al-Isra’ (the Night Journey) mp3
  • Al-Kahf (the Cave) mp3
  • Maryam (Maryam) mp3
  • Ta-Ha (Ta-Ha) mp3
  • Al-Anbiya’ (the Prophets) mp3
  • Al-Haj (the Pilgrimage) mp3
  • Al-Mu’minun (the Believers) mp3
  • An-Nur (the Light) mp3
  • Al-Furqan (the Criterion) mp3
  • Ash-Shu’ara’ (the Poets) mp3
  • An-Naml (the Ants) mp3
  • Al-Qasas (the Stories) mp3
  • Al-Ankabut (the Spider) mp3
  • Ar-Rum (the Romans) mp3
  • Luqman (Luqman) mp3
  • As-Sajdah (the Prostration) mp3
  • Al-Ahzab (the Combined Forces) mp3
  • Saba’ (the Sabeans) mp3
  • Al-Fatir (the Originator) mp3
  • Ya-Sin (Ya-Sin) mp3
  • As-Saffah (Those Ranges in Ranks) mp3
  • Sad (Sad) mp3
  • Az-Zumar (the Groups) mp3
  • Ghafar (the Forgiver) mp3
  • Fusilat (Distinguished) mp3
  • Ash-Shura (the Consultation) mp3
  • Az-Zukhruf (the Gold) mp3
  • Ad-Dukhan (the Smoke) mp3
  • Al-Jathiyah (the Kneeling) mp3
  • Al-Ahqaf (the Valley) mp3
  • Muhammad (Muhammad) mp3
  • Al-Fat’h (the Victory) mp3
  • Al-Hujurat (the Dwellings) mp3
  • Qaf (Qaf) mp3
  • Adz-Dzariyah (the Scatterers) mp3
  • At-Tur (the Mount) mp3
  • An-Najm (the Star) mp3
  • Al-Qamar (the Moon) mp3
  • Ar-Rahman (the Most Gracious) mp3
  • Al-Waqi’ah (the Event) mp3
  • Al-Hadid (the Iron) mp3
  • Al-Mujadilah (the Reasoning) mp3
  • Al-Hashr (the Gathering) mp3
  • Al-Mumtahanah (the Tested) mp3
  • As-Saf (the Row) mp3
  • Al-Jum’ah (Friday) mp3
  • Al-Munafiqun (the Hypocrites) mp3
  • At-Taghabun (the Loss & Gain) mp3
  • At-Talaq (the Divorce) mp3
  • At-Tahrim (the Prohibition) mp3
  • Al-Mulk – (the Kingdom) mp3
  • Al-Qalam (the Pen) mp3
  • Al-Haqqah (the Inevitable) mp3
  • Al-Ma’arij (the Elevated Passages) mp3
  • Nuh (Nuh) mp3
  • Al-Jinn (the Jinn) mp3
  • Al-Muzammil (the Wrapped) mp3
  • Al-Mudaththir (the Cloaked) mp3
  • Al-Qiyamah (the Resurrection) mp3
  • Al-Insan (the Human) mp3
  • Al-Mursalat (Those Sent Forth) mp3
  • An-Naba’ (the Great News) mp3
  • An-Nazi’at (Those Who Pull Out) mp3
  • ‘Abasa (He Frowned) mp3
  • At-Takwir (the Overthrowing) mp3
  • Al-Infitar (the Cleaving) mp3
  • Al-Mutaffifin (Those Who Deal in Fraud) mp3
  • Al-Inshiqaq (the Splitting Asunder) mp3
  • Al-Buruj (the Stars) mp3
  • At-Tariq (the Nightcomer) mp3
  • Al-A’la (the Most High) mp3
  • Al-Ghashiyah (the Overwhelming) mp3
  • Al-Fajr (the Dawn) mp3
  • Al-Balad (the City) mp3
  • Ash-Shams (the Sun) mp3
  • Al-Layl (the Night) mp3
  • Adh-Dhuha (the Forenoon) mp3
  • Al-Inshirah (the Opening Forth) mp3
  • At-Tin (the Fig) mp3
  • Al-‘Alaq (the Clot) mp3
  • Al-Qadar (the Night of Decree) mp3
  • Al-Bayinah (the Proof) mp3
  • Az-Zalzalah (the Earthquake) mp3
  • Al-‘Adiyah (the Runners) mp3
  • Al-Qari’ah (the Striking Hour) mp3
  • At-Takathur (the Piling Up) mp3
  • Al-‘Asr (the Time) mp3
  • Al-Humazah (the Slanderer) mp3
  • Al-Fil (the Elephant) mp3
  • Quraish (Quraish) mp3
  • Al-Ma’un (the Assistance) mp3
  • Al-Kauthar (the River of Abundance) mp3
  • Al-Kafirun (the Disbelievers) mp3
  • An-Nasr (the Help) mp3
  • Al-Masad (the Palm Fiber) mp3
  • Al-Ikhlas (the Sincerity) mp3
  • Al-Falaq (the Daybreak) mp3
  • An-Nas (Mankind) mp3

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