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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why Islam is need of every Human Being!

Islam is the religion of peace. We, Humans, are created by Allah SWT and we are not ever living.

Islam is not just religion, but a complete code of life that guides its believers in all aspects of their lives, including personal, social, political and spiritual matters.

What is necessary to believe in Islam?

In, Islam, it is necessary to believe in One God (Allah SWT) who is Almighty the creator of everything, Prophets of Islam from Adam to Jesus (May Peace Be Upon Them All) and Accept Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last and Final Messenger of Allah SWT.

Belief on The Day of Judgment (Doomsday), Revealed Books ( Bible, Taurah, Zaboor and Quran), The Angels and Life After Death.

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?

Of course! It is a necessary in Islam to believe in Jesus as one of the Mightiest Messenger of Allah SWT, without that Islam.