Existence of God – Reply to Dan Barker

No one can deny God. Even atheist they just say we don’t believe in a God. but in fact, they have no proof to not believe in God. They just say as we can not see, touch or taste God so we don’t believe in the existence of God. in fact it’s completely illogical because if we can not see, touch or taste something it doesn’t mean that nothing exists. For Example, if we go back to an age before the invention of the microscope. “Let us say at that time someone came and said there are atoms exist”
What would be our reply? No
Because we could not see, touch or taste atom.
But were not we wrong??
Yes we were wrong because we have imagined that if we could not see, touch or taste something that means it doesn’t exist.
In fact the atoms even exist before the electron microscope but out knowledge was limited. same is this case.
By : Salahudin Khan

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